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Manufacturer :
GT40 & Daytona
Year Completed:
Builder :
Car # :
SFO 2168
Engine :
Roush 427SR
Carburetor :
Rear End:

Owner : Doug Reed Maurepas LA
Contact This Person  Tel No.2252235330

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SUPERFORMANCE Under the engine deck: naturally-aspirated Roush build Shelby 427SR stroker small-block V8, outfitted with Shelby valve covers and aircleaner—these are not sold separately and come only with a Shelby/Roush-built engine, and bundle-of-snakes exhaust headers; you get a Roush 2-year warranty and a dyno sheet attesting to 510 horsepower and 470 ft.lbs. torque (all at ±4,500 rpm). The engine and transaxle install was executed by the undisputed masters—Olthoff Racing, in North Carolina. Nothing was spared in finalizing this build, including the bulletproof RBT-ZF $11,000 German transaxle. The suspension features the original, Ferrari-trouncing GT40 layout. So original are the GT40 continuation models, that most of the parts are interchangeable with an original ‘Forty.’ The Superformance ‘Continuation Series’ of GT40s built are under license by Safir Spares LLC, holders of the GT40 trademark (something even Ford could not arrange with their “Ford GT”); this car is an amazingly correct duplicate of the winning car, with the same exacting paint scheme. Original Goodyear Blue Streak tires are available for you, if 100% accuracy is what you desire. However this is not a “race only” car, and is appropriately fitted for both street and track driving. In the cockpit: outfitted with original-style seats covered with the optional original-style German leather, 4-point racing-harness safety belts, Smiths gauges, and an original-style quick-removable steering wheel; the (very efficient) air conditioning system includes an evaporator unit cleverly disguised as a mock-up dry sump, placed in the original sump position. This Forty will comfortably fit a 6'-2" driver. It currently has 900 miles on it and has never been titled, as the owner experienced medical issues shortly after taking delivery only 8 months ago. This car has no dings or paint blemishes, and has never been driven in inclement weather—it’s in as-new condition in every respect, and it runs, drives and handles superbly. You also get a custom car cover.
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